The Benefits of Temporary Veneers

You probably have heard of cosmetic dentistry, and how they are able to give you the smile you ever wanted. There are many kinds of cosmetic dentistry: whitening method, inlays and outlays, dental implants, composite bonding, and of course, dental veneers. These all can hide or remove away teeth imperfections, giving you more confidence when smiling. Different people, all walks of like, have already tried the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.  

Take for instance, dental veneers. Almost all people with flaws on their teeth embark on putting on some veneers on their teeth, and these veneers are generally referred to as permanent veneers. Permanent veneers usually take two to three visits to complete, as the dentist needs to make a blueprint of your teeth structure and build a mimic to ensure that the dental veneers are perfectly fit and aligned to the rest of your teeth. But hold on, what if it is your first time and just want to make a try? Before plunging into the feat of trying permanent veneers, you can try the first temporary veneers. 


Temporary veneers are typically similar to a mouth guard with a clip-like structure that slides over your existing teeth to hide away teeth imperfections like stains, cracks, and holes. The temporary veneers are much different from the permanent veneers in many ways. Temporary veneers: 

  • Do not require to have a dentist visit 
  • Do not use any drilling, needles, or sedation for the operation 
  • Does not include any pain 
  • It is cheap compared to the permanent veneers 
  • Removable 


Temporary veneers give you the chance to try how it feels to have veneers on your teeth before you embark on a permanent solution of getting perfect, white teeth. It also provides you the chance to see how the veneers look like on your teeth and mouth and what do they do to you and your overall being.  


What is permanent veneer? Permanent veneer offers a permanent solution to stains, cracks, and holes on your teeth. Because it requires a long procedure, its installation can last up to three dental visits. On the first visit, the dentist needs to create a mold to mimic your natural teeth and to make sure that the dental veneers are perfectly aligned with the rest of the teeth. the second to third visit involves the procedure of putting on the veneer after removing a thin layer of your enamel. This is to make sure that the veneers will stick to the bonded material and your teeth.  


This is where temporary veneers play an important role. It gives you the chance to experience veneers and their benefits without having to deal with permanent results like what the permanent veneers provide. Aside from that, it gives the dentist a chance to find out some areas of weaknesses or areas for improvement that can be seen once the temporary veneers are put on.  


So, if you want to experience cosmetic dentistry without being anxious about what could go wrong, try having temporary results first, and then decide after if you want to go to a permanent veneer procedure. 

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